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For everyone looking to unlock the secrets of American business, the Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy  is a ground-breaking, easy to read, must have guidebook through the complexities of the Uniform Commercial Code. Never before has a short story been used to show and tell how these laws apply to the real world of business transactions.

The Uniform Commercial Code is law in all fifty states and forms the backbone of American commerce: it governs the sale of goods, personal property leases, secured transactions, promissory notes, letters of credit, bank deposits and collections, and electronic funds transfers – in short the fundamentals for nearly every business.

Written in a humorous style, using the story of a new boat business to clearly describe just how the law works,the Uniform Commercial Code has instantly become working knowledge for everyone who reads this book.  Lawyers, accountants, bankers, and other professionals can deepen their understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code. Students of law, business and accountancy can use the book as a study guide for the Uniform Commercial Code and business people will rejoice – that finally the Uniform Commercial Code, so critical to their success, is no longer beyond their reach and only accessible to experts.

Readers everywhere will be entertained, uplifted and well informed – and thankful to finally understand how these laws work and how to protect themselves and their businesses.


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