Business Professionals

The Uniform Commercial Code governs billions of commercial transactions occurring in the United States every working day. Within the text are hundreds of rules which apply to these transactions, and while some of them are common sense and will not dramatically impact a given transaction, other provisions can be tremendously significant and can have an enormous impact upon one’s rights, duties and liabilities in a given situation.

For example, a merchant who does not respond in a timely manner to a written ‘confirmation’ of a contract, will be deemed to have waived the standard requirement that a signed contract must be in place for any contract over five hundred dollars. In the event a promissory note has been executed for goods or services to be rendered, the maker of the note would be unable to claim a failure to perform against a third party to whom the note was transferred if the transfer complied with various UCC rules.

The time to know about these realities is before a situation arises which can cause the business person disastrous results. The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy provides the tools to make this a reality in an entertaining, easy to understand short story narrative.

Having a working knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code is also very helpful in keeping legal costs to a minimum. The consumer who is aware of the law governing his or her transaction, will have a clear understanding of what is involved in solving various commercial problems which occur in the ordinary course of business which will insure an intelligent monitoring of time spent on commercial matters.