Business Students

Business law is a required class in virtually every business school in America. There is no area of business law which is more pervasive and important than the Uniform Commercial Code. Every time personal property is bought, sold or leased, the UCC applies. Movement of goods, letters of credit, and financing of goods are also covered by the Uniform Commercial Code, as are Commercial Paper and Bank Deposits and Collections.

The business student who understands the Uniform Commercial Code has a distinct advantage over those who do not. The UCC was drafted with the direct assistance of many men and women of business who sought to incorporate prevailing, and evolving business practices into the text.

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy creates an enjoyable, relatively easy manner, in which to gain a solid understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code through the short story format. Your questions are anticipated and answered in a logical, sequential manner as you journey through, and gain a solid understanding of the text of the Uniform Commercial Code.