Testimonials for Continuing Legal Education

Minnesota CLE Webcast, June 8, 2016

“Fantastic delivery. Distilled Code into information I can use today”.
“Very energetic, entertaining, and knowledgeable”.
“This is a difficult subject and LeVine made it easier to follow/understand. I wish I had LeVine as my professor when I took this course in law school”.
“Great presentation on difficult subject. LeVine was clear, concise, and made information easy to follow and understand”.

Stetson University College of Law April 8, 2016

“Mr. LeVine is exceptionally knowledgeable and excellent in transferring knowledge in a way that is understandable. Great teaching style; especially helpful are his real world examples! Thank you.”
“Absolutely the best seminar I have every attended in 35 years of practice. Outstanding content & presentation was superb. This should be required for every member of the Bar!”
“The speaker is very knowledgeable and clearly has a masterful command of the subject matter. He is also very engaging. All around excellent! I appreciated his encouragement, too, that we can master this subject.”
“Excellent!! Great speaker energy!! Enthusiastic!”

Cincinnati Bar Association October 15, 2015

“Impressive combination of knowledge and energy. Love his passion.”
“Wow. Never thought you could cover the entire code in one day – interesting too. Tells the story & ties it all together.”
“Excellent – the best!”
“Engaging, useful information in clear format, great speaker.”
“Great presentation. Broke down complex concepts into usable info.”
“Spirited and very knowledgeable, and fun to listen to.”
“Very engaging, incredible body of knowledge presented in a short time.”

Minnesota CLE, February 2015

“Excellent. He made it look easy to present not one, but 5, very interesting seminars on the UCC. Thank   you very much.”

“ He had to present the entire UCC on his own and did a great job. Direct and with pertinent slides; good advice.”

“I would recommend this presenter to anyone.”

“This guy is a machine.”

“Excellent presentation on a difficult topic.”


North Carolina State Bar Association,
December 2014

“Speaker was engaging, charismatic, personable & obviously an expert in the field. Slides were very thorough and it’s a real plus to get the speaker’s book as a bonus.”

“Professor’s knowledge of the UCC is fantastic! His charisma makes his presentation of dry material exciting. Best CLE program I ever attended in 14yrs of practice.”

“Most interesting presentation of the UCC I ever attended.”


Oregon Bar Association, May 2014

“This was at the top of all CLE’s I’ve attended“

“Outstanding session; one of the best I’ve ever attended!”

“Best presentation in years. 10.0 Bring him back soon!” 


Illinois Bar Association, March 2014

“The [best part was the] book the presenter wrote and the presenter’s enthusiasm for the topic.”

“Very thorough information; the presenter clearly knew his subject matter”

“I liked the cumulative overview of the inter-connected nature of the UCC” 


Cincinnati Bar Association, December 2013

“Best CLE I have ever attended.”

“Excellent speaker; presentation was great. Would highly recommend.”

“Amazing presenter!”


Missouri Bar Association, April 2013

“One of the best CLEs I’ve been too! Great speaker and good info!”

“It was excellent. Robert Levine was very engaging.”

“Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable, very enthusiastic, excellent printed materials.”


Columbus Bar Association, December 2012

“Easily the best CLE I have taken.”

“Amazingly knowledgeable and well spoken.”

“Excellent command of subject matter and presentation.”